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We proudly introduce you to Leonardo Solutions, a modern pursuit in providing consultancy services across multiple industries.

With over 20 years of experience in the industrial sector, with significant ventures in the automotive, metals, and construction industries, Leonardo Solutions implements secure services to clients from investment evaluation to technology supply, project management, construction, and operations.

Felice Galati
Managing Director



We want to be the reference partner for companies seeking reliable, efficient and effective consultancy for their sustainable growth.



We want to grow by creating value for our clients, exceeding their expectations and accelerating their success.



We believe in hard work, forward thinking, honesty, long lasting relations, value creation, wisdom

Consultancy Services

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

The decision to invest in a new industrial plant or modernize existing facilities…

Industrial Efficiency

Industrial Efficiency

Industrial operations aim to extract value from assets throughout their lifetime…

Business Development

Leonardo Solutions leverages network and competencies to customize each client’s…

Let’s start your new dream project

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Industrial Solutions

Each plant is unique, we look after differentiating features that maximize the results of your industrial process.

Steel Making

In collaboration with essential technology providers, Leonardo Solutions helps its clients to build new steel plants or to improve the efficiency of the existing ones…

Rolling Mills

Leonardo Solutions offers comprehensive services for steel-rolling mills thanks to consolidated experience and strong partnerships with major technology suppliers…


There is always room for improvement in complex plants, especially those based on mature technologies. At Leonardo Solutions, we believe this and
constantly explore…