Industrial Solutions

Steel Making and Processing

In collaboration with essential technology providers, Leonardo Solutions helps its clients to build new steel plants or to improve the efficiency of the existing ones. Starting from the investment purpose, targeted market, local conditions, and available resources, we design a preliminary business concept and convert it into technical and financial models.

Modelling the reality with proven technologies is how we test the assumptions before we finalize the technical solution and support our clients to build or modify their plants.

Rolling Mills

Leonardo Solutions offers comprehensive services for steel-rolling mills thanks to consolidated experience and strong partnerships with major technology suppliers.

Whether it’s a rolling mill for long products (rebar, wire rod, bars, sections, rails), flat (HRC, CRC), or a finishing line for flat (PPPL, CRM, ECL, CGL, CC), we consult our clients through the entire process of their greenfield or brownfield project. Leonardo Solutions provides a seamless service throughout the project’s lifecycle, from investment KPIs to technical definition to equipment acquisition, installation and operation.

Reheating and Heat Treatments

In metal heating process. the robust design of the furnace, the proper control of combustion system and the accuracy of heating profiles, are the critical aspects that in reheating and heat treatment furnaces can unlock a big potential in terms of saving and performances.

The selection of the right technology and operating conditions can reduce fuel consumption, increase product yield, plant availability and therefore accelerate the payback of the investment.

Water Treatment Plants

Most industrial processes require water for cooling, cleaning, diluting products, or processing compounds. As water is an essential and expensive resource, installing an efficient recycling system is necessary to achieve significant tangible and intangible benefits.

Although in many cases the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is auxiliary to the process, we provide an intelligent compromise between performance, minimum cost, and reliable operations. In addition, our expertise offers a fit-for-purpose solution through our bespoke networks.


There is always room for improvement in complex plants, especially those based on mature technologies. At Leonardo Solutions, we believe this and constantly explore ways to redefine dated facilities to improve output, quality, and efficiency. Supplying and installing mechatronic packages significantly innovates plant performance, ultimately leading to economic benefits. Improving the process control system, debottlenecking critical production areas, and automating manual operations are also possible by installing and integrating mechatronic packages. Our small technological steps make significant differences in profitability.

With our extensive services and expertise, Leonardo Solutions is wellpositioned to help your business excel in an ever-evolving, competitive landscape. We are committed to delivering the highest level of support and solutions to your projects, ensuring the success and growth of your company.